Teach the Teachers

Teach the Teachers

How can we bring an Understanding of Karma to Today`s New Learners?

inicio 07. fin 09. septiembre 2024


At the heart of this Teach the Teachers (TTT) cycle stands an essential question: how can we creatively teach about spiritual topics to students of all our disciplines, in all parts of the world? We invite those who teach about therapeutic, nursing, or medical work to come and share their experiences and their questions this September.

What happens at a TTT conference? This is a special meeting to exchange and learn from each other, whether you are an experienced trainer or just starting to teach. The emphasis is more on small group exchange and collaboration than on lectures. Last year we worked together on the theme of teaching about reincarnation.

What is new this year? We will share preparatory readings on karma ahead of the conference. You can join us to read them in a group (on the Friday evening) or you can study them on your own. Then, when we all come together for our three-day meeting (starting on Saturday) we will go quickly into small group sharing, hear presentations about how karma is understood in different parts of the world, and see some sample teaching. The conference also offers a set of in-depth sessions on specific teaching tools—you choose what interests you the most.

The main presentations will be in English, with Spanish translation. Small group work can be done in English, Spanish or German. The group is limited to 70 participants.We hope this conference will inspire participants to bring home new insights and share them with their own countries and communities.

For the preparation group,

Judit Kedves and Adam Blanning

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