Technology and Spirituality

February Days 2024

Technology and Spirituality

von 01. bis 04. Februar 2024


Over the last few years, while working with young people internationally, and notably after the Youth Section co-workers' gathering in June this year, we have become aware of how questions related to technology, particularly digital technology, and spirituality, are becoming more and more relevant for young people.

During our “February Days” conference in 2024, we want to work on understanding the relationship between these aspects of our lives and to try to orient ourselves through a search for deeper knowledge.
Experienced and courageous experts will come to share their perspectives and together we will create spaces to dialogue about these pressing issues so relevant for us both individually and collectively. In preparation for this event, a group of young people meets since mid-October at the Youth Section House every Tuesday to read a selection of Rudolf Steiner’s “Leading Thoughts”. HERE you can find the list with the selected letters, we encourage you to join the preparation in spirit!


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