The Storm

Landwirtschaftliche Tagung 2023

The Storm

The Dramatic Experiences of Julia Butterfly Hill

04. Februar 2023 um 18:00


Die Eurythmie-Projekt-Bühne Gioia Falk zeigt eine Eurythmie-Aufführung in Englischer Sprache: In 1997, the young environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill climbed 60 meters to the top of the 1000-year-old redwood pine, LUNA. To protest against the clear-cutting of the redwood forest, she remained in LUNA for 738 days. This was to become a test of her strength and resolve. A fight against those who would endanger her life to force her down. However, they were not the only force to threaten to rip Julia from LUNA's branches. The greatest challenge for Julia - one which would transform her - was the raging storm and freezing cold.


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