Sustainability at the Goetheanum


"The idea of sustainable development is essentially a cultural project. Sustainable development constitutes a further step in the evolution of human civilization towards a world in which people’s dignity and developmental opportunities are the compass for social, political and economic actions today and in the future." (Schneidewind, 2018)


In the School of Spiritual Science we have worked for several years in a transdisciplinary way on environmental questions and the many dimensions of the environmental crisis. In addition, the Section for Agriculture continues to work on questions of ‘Sustainable Development’, aiming for a deeper understanding, to which spiritual science has to contribute, and for participation in the wider discourse in society. The publication Breathing with the Climate Crisis (2022) is an example of this endeavour.

Goetheanum operations

The Goetheanum is currently working on improving its sustainability strategies in various areas (including catering, energy, mobility and real estate).

Contact: Johannes Kronenberg,