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The Building

The Goetheanum was inaugurated in 1928 revealing its unique architecture. Originally designed by Rudolf Steiner, the building was finished in the course of the 20th century. The Great Hall (with 1000 seats) and the west wing staircase are particularly remarkable. The permanent exhibition hall that house the monumental sculpture of The Representative of Humanity, models, and sketches of the Goetheanum, as well as temporary exhibition rooms, are waiting for your visit. A cafeteria and a bookshop are also at your service.

The Outbuildings

With the First Goetheanum as a double-domed building, a series of residential and functional buildings were constructed between 1914 and 1924. Their form was determined by their function and position in relation to the main building.


Permanent Exhibition

Experience the artistic-historical heritage of the Goetheanum through the permanent exhibition. The newly created exhibition room in the South Hall of the Carpentry Workshop offers a 1:20 scale model of the First Goetheanum, true to the material, as well as information panels on the history of the building. In the South Staircase inside the Goetheanum, you can contemplate the sculpture group 'The Representative of Humanity between Lucifer and Ahriman' together with other artistic works and designs by Rudolf Steiner.


The Park

The Goetheanum is located in the middle of a garden park with numerous outbuildings built before and after the Goetheanum itself. You can explore the premises on a walk along the Dornach-Arlesheim architectural trail. In the park you can also visit the Goetheanum Garden, where animals and plants are raised and cultivated according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture. Also don't hesitate to join our weekly work group "In-depth Nature Observation"!

Gastronomy & Accommodation

Are you planning a visit to the Goetheanum? Learn more about the local gastronomy and about the accommodations in the near vicinity of the Goetheanum!

Map & Access

The Goetheanum is accessible by car as well as by bus and is located at a 15-minute walk from the Dornach-Arlesheim train station. Here you will find the Site plan and information regarding Wheelchair access and Parking for buses and people with disabilities.