Press Releases

Press Pictures

Goetheanum offers you some photos. Feel free to use these photos for your project linked to the Goetheanum or for your private use. Please mention the copyright "Goetheanum/*Photographer*", see each image for more detail.

Please note that our photos may not be used if your project has no clear link to Goetheanum.
Please note that our photos may be used for non-commercial purposes freely. For commercial use, please contact us.

May you have any doubts or questions or may you consider taking pictures yourself on the spot, feel free to contact

Film and take pictures

Taking pictures and filming require a permit and coordination of schedules for the following cases:

Shooting in the Main Hall, Exhibition Room, Rudolf Steiner Atelier and Hochatelier
Shooting within the Goetheanum for journalistic or academic purposes
Shooting with purpose of selling the pictures/recordings
Shooting within the Goetheanum with additional material (e.g. tripod)
Shooting in the Goetheanum or on the premises with an assistant or team
Shooting on the site with a drone
Larger projects

In these cases no contract is necessary:

Shooting for private purposes in the public parts of the Goetheanum with a telephone or a handheld camera
Shooting for private purposes on the premises with simple material (tripod)

Contact persons

Sebastian Jüngel

Coordination of the communications Department
+41 61 706 44 63

Wolfgang Held

Speaker of the Goetheanum
+41 76 366 27 36

Dylan Teal

Contact person for taking pictures and filming