Goetheanum Theatre Festtage

Monday 15 until Wednesday 17 July, 2024: Colloquium

Goetheanum Theatre Festtage

Dramatic Course Centenary 2024

from 10. to 14. July 2024

Grosser Saal

We invite you to this theatre festival, which we are organising to mark the centenary of Rudolf Steiner's ‹Speech Formation and Dramatic Art› course.

‹Curtain up› for over 25 larger and smaller productions from all over the world in various languages! Experience with us the magic of diverse stage art, language with its power to open up the listening space, visualisation through the artistic moment, encounter and exchange.

Torsten Blanke, Marialucia Carones, Stefan Hasler, Silke Kollewijn, Agnes Zehnter

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