Therapeutic intuition - Source, Word and Deed -

International Conference on Therapeutic Speech and Drama Therapy

Therapeutic intuition - Source, Word and Deed -

Therapeutic tools in the Drama Course

from 16. to 19. October 2024


Dear Colleagues,

Current events and their developments require and foster a refinement of our senses and sources of perception. In parallel, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Rudolf Steiner's "Drama Course" this year. At this year's conference, we would like to focus on these two topics and look forward to seeing you there!

We will draw on Rudolf Steiner's art of drama, unearth treasures, make them accessible and transform them into therapeutic tools. Can biographical streams of destiny be set in motion through the connection to gesture, story and character? We will look at the sequence of the six gestures, oscillating between interior and exterior, and their surprising starting point in body movements. How do we play with tuning and voice on this instrument?

Our conference will extend further to the courage to heal, in which the medical-therapeutic will, the will of the patient and the divine will meet. Seeing and understanding the need for healing, our own inner development, and the training of therapeutic intuition are the sources of healing. How can we gain inner security and judgement in a time of polarising forces, how can we deal with failure and paralysis? What paths and core competences open up here in medical and therapeutic action in the context of anthroposophic medicine and in the use of the healing word?

We will explore these questions and content in medical-therapeutic tandem lectures, in workshops and in dialogue within the specialist areas. On the "Interactive evening", the stage is open for joint play and artistic contributions.

The plenary contributions will be in German, with Spanish and English translation.

Please contact Esther Böttcher by email ( for contributions to the "Interactive evening" and the "A look into the world" unit on reports from the professional fields.

Looking forward to directing our attention to therapeutic intuition, to its sources, to the word and its flow into therapeutic action!

To warm encounters in October!

The preparatory group

Esther Böttcher, Marjo van der Himst, Dietrich von Bonin, Susann Kegel, Jessica Westerkamp and Oliver Ifill

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