100 years of biodynamic farming: Expanding all the senses

100 years of biodynamic farming: Expanding all the senses

03 May 2024 Sebastian Jüngel 410 views

For the centenary of biodynamic farming Elif Oskan and Selassie Atadika offer a culinary evening at the Goetheanum with biodynamic ingredients from its own garden. The organizer, experimental gastronomy initiative ‘Steinbeisser’, likes to combine Haute Cuisine with artistically designed objects such as cutlery.

“‘Steinbeisser’ and the two chefs Elif Oskan and Selassie Atadika stand for high-quality food, biodiversity and diversity – values that are shared by the Goetheanum,” says Anna Storchenegger, speaking for the Communications department of the Section for Agriculture. Elif Oskan has a Turkish background and runs the restaurant Gül in Zurich (CH); Selassie Atadika is regarded one of the most prominent representatives of ‘new African cuisine’ and has a restaurant in Accra (GH).

Jean-Michel Florin, co-leader of the Section for Agriculture, was able to interest ‘Steinbeisser’’s Martin Kullik in devoting one of their events to the centenary of biodynamic farming at the Goetheanum. For Jean-Michel Florin this is an opportunity not only for offering special gustatory experiences but also for embedding food into an artistic context that includes specially designed cutlery, tableware and textiles made of organic materials, enabling unusual encounters with food. The dinner will be moderated by Martin Kullik from ‘Steinbeisser’ and Jasmin Peschke, head of nutrition in the Section for Agriculture.

Biodynamic farming is concerned with the health of soil, plants and animals and includes cosmic laws in its considerations. Biodynamic products are part of everyday cooking, as is apparent from the fact that they are part of the range of Swiss supermarkets Coop and Migros. Haute Cuisine and ‘Steinbeisser’ are also interested in bio-dynamic food and wines from high-quality growers.

English by Margot M. Saar

Experimental gastronomy
with Elif Oskan and Selassie Atadika, 30 and 31 August 2024, from 5.30 pm, Goetheanum

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