A wider view to enable action: Videos on goetheanum.tv

A wider view to enable action: Videos on goetheanum.tv

12 October 2021 Sebastian Jüngel 2911 views

The Goetheanum uses the platform goetheanum.tv to put together films and recordings of interviews, lectures and artistic presentations. Some of these contributions also appear in the weekly journal ‘Das Goetheanum’ or in book form.

Due to the Covid-19 measures, which led to the temporary closure of the Goetheanum and made travelling to this international venue difficult, digitalization at the Goetheanum has been accelerated. Events and conferences, too, have been held digitally. In addition, videos have been made available, in which members of the Goetheanum Leadership offer contributions in relation to particular social challenges.

Gerald Häfner, head of the Section for Social Sciences at the Goetheanum, says that “it is important to us to illustrate that life always makes solutions possible.” He himself initiated the video series ‘How do we want to shape the world?’ and ‘The world from within’. As a social scientist, Gertald Häfner is convinced that “lived humanity is what matters most when dealing with crises.”

For the goetheanum.tv contributors, the earth is a living organism and human beings are autonomous, self-determined beings. Applying a holistic view, they seek to develop a basis for understanding and a wider view in order to enable individual and social resilience. Their contributions to practical life aim to enhance the ability to act, for instance with regard to teaching at home or the question of vaccination.

The videos, interviews and lectures on goetheanum.tv convey insights into the work at the Goetheanum without the necessity to travel there. The development of the platform is funded through donations. Further, theme-specific videos are available on the websites of the Goetheanum‘s individual Sections.

English by Margot M. Saar

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Books Ueli Hurter, Justus Wittich (eds): Perspectives and Initiatives in the Times of Coronavirus, Rudolf Steiner Press, 2020 (translation)
The Spiritual Signature of our Time in the Era of Coronavirus, Rudolf Steiner Press, 2021 (translation)

Image: goetheanum.tv broadcast with Ueli Hurter (symbolic, Photo: Xue Li)