The 2021 Annual General Meeting will take place online

The 2021 Annual General Meeting will take place online

25 March 2021 Wolfgang Held 8358 views

The 2021 Annual General Meeting of the General Anthroposophical Society will take place on 17 March from 13.00 to 16.00 CET. The aim of the meeting is to deal with formal issues in the usual annual rhythm.

Because no major questions requiring discussion need to be decided this year, the digital format will offer a suitable alternative and members can again take part via livestream. This means that, unlike in the past, people on all continents can follow the meeting. There are also plans to add a mail support to allow members to bring in their comments and questions during the AGM.

Members of the General Anthroposophical Society can access details regarding the meeting via the Goetheanum Login. Members are advised to activate their account as soon as possible to make sure that they will be able to access the event.

From 10:00 CET on Saturday, if you have questions regarding Login or experience difficulties, you can reach the Membership Office on +41 61 706 42 73 and +41 61 706 42 74. For general enquiries please contact Reception on +41 61 706 42 42.

For questions regarding the content or to leave comments or suggestions during the AGM, please email the Executive Council at, stating your name and where you live. Emails will be read continuously during the AGM.

We also look forward, after this experiment with holding the AGM online, to your written feedback, by mail or to

English by Margot M. Saar.

Photo: 2020 Annual General Meeting, Xue Li