Human orientation of the Anthroposophical Society

Human orientation of the Anthroposophical Society

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The Anthroposophical Society is a cosmopolitan society. It is based on a contemporary society of individuals. Membership is open to everyone, without distinction of gender, culture, religion or ethnicity.

Anthroposophy, founded by Rudolf Steiner, seeks to understand the human being as a physical, soul and spiritual being. It sees itself as a spiritual science and addresses individual freedom and self-direction, which recognises and respects the other in his or her beingness. The perception of each person in his or her bodily, soul and spiritual individuality leads to an experience of oneself and the other as emergent beings.

The Executive Council of the General Anthroposophical Society is actively committed to the plurality of the Society. It distances itself from all forms of discrimination and promotes social structures which have as their central concern the recognition of the dignity of human beings and the earth.

The Goetheanum as a School of Spiritual Science engages in the unfolding of cultural diversity, languages and forms, as well as nurturing different ways of individualizing and living Anthroposophy. In the view of the Goetheanum, humanity is realized in the perception of this diversity, in its recognition and in the continuous affirmative acknowledgement of the world.

The Anthroposophical Movement finds it realization in the worldwide institutions such as schools, social and therapeutic facilities, biodynamic farms, art training, clinics, etc. These manifest the intention to promote humane forms of life in the respective culture and social conditions, which protect and nurture the integrity of each individual. It strives to create forms of life that correspond to the diversity of the relevant people and cultures.

Matthias Girke, Ueli Hurter, Constanza Kaliks, Joan Sleigh, Justus Wittich

Executive Council of the General Anthroposophical Society