Insights: Current and Future Research Projects

Insights: Current and Future Research Projects

17 October 2023 1157 views

The Goetheanum Leadership is pleased to present this brochure, which provides insight into some of the current and future research projects of the Sections of the School of Spiritual Science.

Many of the research topics are attempts at contributing to solutions for existential problems of our time. Because it is likely that they will have to be revised and further developed after only a few years, we see these attempts as work in progress. The research projects, which approach contemporary questions and issues out of anthroposophical impulses, are conducted in the context of the School’s hundred-year history.

In awareness of this history and with a view to the next century of the anthroposophical movement, research questions also arise from the further development of anthroposophical impulses. They include for instance the effectiveness of smallest entities, a question that is relevant to anthroposophic medicine and agriculture, but also topics such as the inner path of development, the artistic process and the reception, communication and understanding of anthroposophy after a hundred years.

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Image Weather balloon in front of the Goetheanum, Photo: Demian Ermel