More humanity

More humanity

24 September 2021 Sebastian Jüngel 3422 views

A working group for clowns has been founded within the Section for the Performing Arts at the Goetheanum. In the first issue of a new magazine called ‘red nose’ 24 clowns introduce themselves.

Clowns from around the world are now organized within the Goetheanum‘s Section for the Performing Arts, a Section that is already home to professional groups such as eurythmists, actors and speech artists, musicians and puppeteers. Stefan Hasler, who is head of Section, is convinced that joining forces in such a professional group holds great potential for developing the clowning work further.

When, this summer, a group of clowns shared their experiences, it was evident that their work is about exploring humanity; attitudes such as the clown‘s expression of wonder, devotion and reverence play an essential part. They agreed that clowning, although not a specific therapy in the medical sense, has a healing effect.

With this working group, the Section provides a platform where people working with elements of clowning can meet and share their experiences. The clowns who have joined the group add their experiences from courses on clowning as a method that is personality-building and that inspires their work in education, elderly care, trauma therapy, on stage, et cetera.

In the first issue of the magazine ‘red nose’ 24 clowns and persons interested in clowning introduce themselves briefly with a photo and a description of what brought them to clowning. The magazine, which will include articles in English and German, will come out – as PFD and free of charge – whenever there are enough contributions.

English by Margot M. Saar.

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Cover image: Clown Topolino at the Goetheanum Campus Party on 12 September 2021 (Photo: Xue Li)