New permanent exhibition

New permanent exhibition

26 November 2023 Sebastian Jüngel 1524 views

A permanent exhibition in the Goetheanum which opened at the end of September provides information on Rudolf Steiner, the Anthroposophical Society and the Sections of the School of Spiritual Science.

Not all visitors to the Goetheanum are experts in anthroposophy. People also drop in and are interested in finding out about the purpose of this building. While in recent years, short texts provided information about Rudolf Steiner and those working at the Goetheanum, a new permanent exhibition was installed at the end of September.

This exhibition uses panels with key words in German and English to inform about Rudolf Steiner, his main works and the Anthroposophical Society. Texts on display boards describe the work of the Sections of the School of Spiritual Science, the Anthroposophical Society and Goetheanum departments; flyers to take away go more deeply into individual topics.

This permanent exhibition makes further aspects of the Goetheanum campus visible and tangible. It was conceived by the Campus Group with Stefan Hasler, Peter Selg and campus representative François Croissant and designed by Johannes Onneken. The written content was provided by the Sections. The exhibition can be easily dismantled and reinstalled should the Foyer be needed for other purposes.

Further exhibition spaces include the room for the sculpture of the Representative of Humanity and the construction history of the First Goetheanum with Rudolf Feuerstack’s detailed model, the models of adjacent buildings and the exhibition ‘Metamorphoses’. Future projects focus on a pavilion for preparations in the garden park, a bee sculpture and a greenhouse that will be accessible to the public.

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