One of the best hospitals

One of the best hospitals

25 September 2019 Christoph Fasel 6621 views

According to a German media study the anthroposophic Filderklinik belongs to the top ten hospitals with 150 to 300 beds in Baden Wurttemberg.

The FAZ Institute, a major publishing and media house in Germany, evaluates both objective criteria and the views of patients before deciding which are «Germany’s Best Hospitals». «We are ranked third of the acute care hospitals with a comparable number of beds in the State of Baden Wurttemberg; in the Stuttgart region we are even in first place,» says Nikolai Keller, the Filderklinik’s CEO. The Filderklinik is the only holistically oriented hospital in Baden Wurttemberg that is also among the 25 per cent who were voted best in all of Germany.

2200 recent quality reports from German hospitals were evaluated by experts for this study. Additional data considered for the study came from hospital and medical services guides published by health insurers, the government and users.

The Filderklinik was founded in 1974 as a charitable institution for primary and (partially) regular care, following an impulse from the Stuttgart Mahle Foundation which supports innovative projects worldwide. It follows the holistic and complementary approach of Anthroposophic Medicine, caring for patients from the region but also from further afield.

The hospital’s 219 beds and six day-clinic places are divided among five specialist wards (internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology and obstetrics, paediatrics and neonatology, and psychosomatics. In addition there are departments for anaesthesia and diagnostic radiology and a private out-patient clinic.

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