Stefan Hasler Nominated for the Executive Council

Stefan Hasler Nominated for the Executive Council

26 October 2023 Constanza Kaliks & Ueli Hurter & Matthias Girke & Justus Wittich 1552 views

After the 2023 General Assembly and with a view to the coming years, the Executive Council of the General Anthroposophical Society has nominated Stefan Hasler to join the Executive Council.

This nomination is based on his readiness for this task and comes out of consultation with the Goetheanum leadership in June and the conference of general secretaries and national representatives at the beginning of October. The nomination will be presented for approval at the General Assembly at the end of April 2024.

Stefan Hasler has led the Section for Speech and Performing Arts since 2015 and is a member of the Goetheanum Stage Leadership and the Eurythmy Ensemble. Previously, he worked for the Hamburg Eurythmy School and Stage and later became the first Professor of Eurythmy at Alanus University. As a member of the management of the Goetheanum and a native Swiss citizen, he is closely connected with many tasks, initiatives, and responsibilities in the daily happenings in Dornach.

An addition to the Executive Council was deemed necessary because Matthias Girke will not be available for another Executive Council term after he completes his seven-year term (2017 to 2024) and hands over the leadership of the Medical Section. The Executive Council will ask for the approval of Stefan Hasler from the membership at the 2024 General Assembly and is looking forward to the shared board responsibilities.

This article was originally published in the (online exclusive) English Edition of the weekly Newsletter ‹Das Goetheanum›.

Translation Laura Liska

Image Stefan Hasler, Photo: Xue Li