The Courage to Confront Materialism

The Courage to Confront Materialism

16 July 2023 Nathaniel Williams 2034 views

Nathaniel Williams, head of the Youth Section, has created a new and forthcoming podcast and video series called «Questions of Courage», in collaboration with the Weekly Journal and Goetheanum TV. We will publish excerpts of his podcasted conversations here. In the first episode, he will introduce us to the concept of Courageous Questioning that inspired the series’ title.

It’s a paradox that today, perhaps, people in the United States and in Europe are more open and interested in spirituality, and in entertaining spiritual ideas, than they have been for hundreds of years. And at the same time, if someone wants to seriously and sincerely explore a spiritual question in relationship to a field like chemistry, human development, developmental psychology, biology or morphology, it is taboo. You can’t speak about it. We are in a situation today where there’s an unbelievable nearness in the hearts and the will of people to enter into a spiritual conversation or discussion, and yet at the same time the majestic culmination of 500 years of reductionist materialistic science stubbornly and insistently refuses to accommodate such a conversation. And thereby this materialism (which we have to recognize is practically at work in almost all areas of our society) can’t become aware of its own limitations. It takes courage today to insist on asking questions about spirituality that are not only about personal well-being, that go beyond lifestyle and contentment.

This piece of news also appeared in the weekly 'Das Goetheanum'.

The episodes of 'Questions of Courage' are available for free via

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