The effect of sounds in speech and music

The effect of sounds in speech and music

24 November 2020 Sebastian Jüngel 3816 views

One of the main themes in the work of the Section for the Performing Arts is the exploration and practical experience of sounds in speech and music.

The Section commissioned Jitka Koželuhová to compose pieces for lyre, which were performed, together with lyre compositions by György Kurtág, by the Else Klink Ensemble, Stuttgart (DE), the Eurythmeum CH, the Light Eurythmy Ensemble (CH) and the Muza Eurythmy Duo, St Petersburg (RU). “The sound of the lyre is very similar to the peripheral intonation in eurythmy,” Stefan Hasler summarizes his impressions. Eurythmists report that the sound of the lyre lowers the breath and is socially harmonizing in rehearsals.

The Section is making pieces by anthroposophical composers that are kept in the Goetheanum Archives publicly accessible on its website. The first works available are by Jan Stuten (music for eurythmy and funeral music) and by Gregers Brinch. “This is the beginning of an online music library,” Stefan Hasler says, indicating that there will be more.

Because of Coronavirus restrictions only seven of 21 eurythmy schools were represented at the graduation meeting; they came from the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. The members of all groups exhibited their theses at the Goetheanum (short versions are available on the Section website).

Stefan Hasler is looking forward to the Section conference from 5 to 9 April 2021, which will celebrate 100 years of eurythmy therapy. The Section is organizing this conference, which will focus on the effect and experience of sounds, in collaboration with the Medical Section. Plans are also underway for another four performances, in July 2021, of Goethe’s Faust Parts 1 and 2.

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