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Weihnachtstagung 2022
Tagung Allgemeine Anthroposophische Gesellschaft

2022 Christmas Conference

The Building Impulse, Burning and Future of the First Goetheanum
27. December 2022 | 15:00 to 01. January 2023 | 12:30
Gedenken Sylvester 1922
Feier Allgemeine Anthroposophische Gesellschaft

The burning of the First Goetheanum in the New Year’s night of 1922

A commemoration with Remo Ankli, member of the Solothurn local government, Daniel Urech, mayor of Dornach Samuel Rutishauser, former cultural heritage curator in the Canton of Solothurn and others

30. December 2022 | 16:30

Kunsttherapie Tagung 2023
Tagung Medizinische Sektion am Goetheanum

The courage of the soul, for self-creation

Art therapies in dialogue
05. January 2023 | 17:00 to 08. January 2023 | 13:00
Vortrag Krebs / Moritz
Vortrag Medizinische Sektion am Goetheanum

Courage needs space

Lecture by Sabine Krebs and Hanna Lina Moritz

06. January 2023 | 09:15

Vortrag Mäder / Hess
Vortrag Medizinische Sektion am Goetheanum

Receptive music therapy - two professional perspectives

Lecture by Doris Mäder and Anna-Barbara Hess

07. January 2023 | 17:15

Vortrag Sektion für Landwirtschaft Goetheanum

What has happened? The history of biodynamics in seven reflections EN/DE

Ueli Hurter, Alexander Gerber, Christoper Brock, Jasmin Peschke, Albrecht Römer, Nadia El Hage, Bruno Follador

01. February 2023 | 15:00