Goetheanum Worldwide Teacher Education Conference

Goetheanum Worldwide Teacher Education Conference

Inspiring Development

from 17. to 21. April 2024

Grosser Saal

Dear teacher educators,

Teachers and educators are sought and trained the world over to prepare them for their work in schools.
What are the requirements for this? What does adult education look like today? How are adults being taught? What are the basic foundations required to cater for the needs of the next generation? How can the relationship to Rudolf Steiner’s pedagogical impulse become effective in teacher education?
The challenges we face around the world today are immense. This conference will be an attempt at gaining greater clarity on existing questions and tasks and on how to implement potential solutions in the training landscape.
We invite all of you who are active in teacher training around the world to join us in shaping this conference.
Looking forward to seeing you all,

Constanza Kaliks and Philipp Reubke

Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum

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