Life forces

International congress Pregnancy, birth and early childhood

Life forces

Finding forces that bring life in a world of exhaustion

from 29. May 2024 to 01. June 2024

Grosser Saal

Veranstalterin: Interdisziplinäre Arbeitsgruppe CARE I (Schwangerschaft, Geburt und frühe Kindheit) / Organizer: Interdisciplinary Working Group CARE I (Pregnancy, Birth and Early Childhood) / Organizador: Grupo de trabajo interdisciplinario CARE I (embarazo, parto y primera infancia).

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

Finding forces that bring life in a world of exhaustion. How does that work? Which remedies, applications and techniques in therapy and education unlock life forces? The perception of a growing plight of exhaustion spreading among pregnant women, entire families, professionals and increasingly even young children led our interdisciplinary CARE 1 working group on pregnancy, birth and early childhood to the idea for the 2024 international congress at the Goetheanum. This congress continues the series of early childhood congresses and aims to facilitate even greater international co-operation between the various professional groups involved in this stage of life.

In the ongoing virtualisation of our lifeworlds, it seems highly topical to us to work on the way in which children and adults can connect well with their bodies today, encounter the world in a healthy way with their senses, and continue to be able to tap into genuine sources of strength from the world. At this congress, we wish to make it possible not only to understand but also to bring to experience how a child gains and maintains life forces by immersing themselves in their body and senses. Concrete ways will be shown how we can promote this in childhood and strengthen it in ourselves.

We will approach the major topic of the living formative forces through content-related work, discussions, artistic work and our own experience in order to make them effective for our therapeutic and educational work and at the same time for the care and preservation of our own forces.

For the CARE I interdisciplinary working group and the Medical Section

Karin Michael, Philipp Reubke, Ina von Mackensen and Claudia Grah-Wittich

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