A New Magazine for Biodynamics

A New Magazine for Biodynamics

05 May 2024 Wolfgang Held 420 views

Until now, the Agricultural Section has kept members of the biodynamic movement informed through a newsletter (printed and online).

With its simple layout, it was aimed at a narrower circle. With the next issue in July, the Section for Agriculture is replacing the newsletter with a magazine, thereby expanding the target audience. With a richly illustrated magazine, it aims to reach a wider audience, reflecting its work and deepening our understanding of anthroposophy and biodynamics.

The first issue will be enclosed with the magazines Lebendige Erde [Living Earth] and Info3. In addition, the Demeter associations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as the Distributors of Natural Food in Germany and the Consumer Association in Switzerland, will help to distribute the large initial print run of 15,000 copies. Johannes Onneken is handling the graphic design. In terms of content, there is a cooperation with our weekly magazine Das Goetheanum/the Goetheanum Weekly: the texts published here from the Agricultural Conference will be condensed further for the new magazine. The project is managed by Anna Storchenegger. The philologist and editor has been working in the Communications Department since 2021.

This article was originally published in the (online exclusive) English Edition of the Goetheanum Weekly.

Translation Charles Cross

Image Henri Murto on the Rekola farm in Finland, photo: Verena Wahl