Agricultural Individuality

Agricultural Individuality

15 April 2024 Ueli Hurter 521 views

In the Agriculture Course, Rudolf Steiner developed the concept of an “agricultural individuality” in a truly authentic way. For many biodynamic practitioners, this is the anchor of their existence and commitment—

They would rather sell their best cow than give up solidarity with their “agricultural individuality.” Even today, there is still something enigmatic about the concept—it points to the potential for an inner connection between human being, farm, and Earth. Ueli Hurter spoke about this at this year’s Agriculture Conference. Here are excerpts from his talk.

In the Michael Letters [which were studied during the conference,] Rudolf Steiner describes how responsibility for the Earth lies more and more in our hands. We read in the letters that the archangel Michael collaborates with Christ, the Cosmic Sun Being in anthroposophy, akin to Ahura Mazdao in the Persian spiritual tradition or the Egyptian Ra or the Greek Zeus. In the choir of archangels, Michael is the one connected with the Sun. According to Christian tradition, this Sun Spirit, Christ, left the Sun and united with the Earth—the Earth becoming a sun! What we want to investigate is whether we can connect this outer image, “Christ as the Sun Spirit of the Earth,” with the inner experience of “Christ in me” and also whether we can understand what we call “agricultural individuality” as a gateway through which we can enter, in order to connect the innermost, the most personal within humanity, with something that has meaning for the whole Earth and Cosmos.

Rudolf Steiner established the concept of “agricultural individuality” in the Agriculture Course. While we are considering this, let’s not forget that our book, CW 327, is not the Agriculture Course per se, but its transcript. The course was, undoubtedly, a wholly different story between the lecturer, Steiner, and the audience. It was held in a special place, Koberwitz, and it was over Pentecost: a festive mood. All of that is also part of the Agricultural Course! Fortunately, we have this transcript and can recreate the situation anew as we read it.

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