The threefold path

The threefold path

24 March 2020 Ute Craemer 5409 views

With the initiative CaminhAção the Anthroposophical Society in Brazil likes to bring people together. For this purpose a logo was created. It symbolizes a path of living and of knowledge in search of the human being.

With the recent centenaries of Social Threefolding and Waldorf Education as a starting point, the CaminhAção tour connects various parts of Brazil, from North to South, from East to West, joining not only the anthroposophical initiatives themselves but linking with popular culture (capoeira, maracatu etc.), contemporary cultures like Hip Hop, community initiatives and the Dinheiro e Consciencia (Money and Consciousness) movement among others.

Sun and earth

What can all this mean? Let’s have a look at the logo: at first glance we can see a threefold path in three colours: red reminds us of the economic life based on fraternity, cooperation, sharing of needs and capacities. Blue relates to the social life, human relations, human rights based on equality. Gold makes us awake of the cultural spiritual life, human development, caring for the most untouchable in us that makes us human in the deepest sense: the spiritual ‘I’ where freedom and diversity reign regardless of its external "guise". The self and its ability to perceive the sense of the other's self, as Rudolf Steiner calls the twelfth sense. My ‘I’ lives in my center, but also on the periphery, so to speak a peripheral ‘I’, the ‘I’ of the other. If I develop during my life more and more the strength of my heart as an organ of perception, I can to some extent live through or at least understand the pains and joys of someone in Japan, Africa, USA… .

We can also see a circle, in the same three colours symbolizing the community, the earth. This circle moves thanks to the spirals, from left to right: a world moving and incessantly changing thanks to nature and also thanks to the human being. This movement enables life on earth, a healthy life if we do our part, an integration of everything with everything.

Last but not least we see a golden point: this is where the Sun and the threefold path invisibly converge - our goal.

Our great task, our great challenge amid the tendency towards specialization and disintegration: Let’s try to see the details, the individual and specific aspects of a group and integrate them into a whole. Seeing what we have in common and what is different, honouring and cooperating: this is one of the goals of the CaminhAçao.

Concretely, we like to bring people together in the sense of the sun that illuminates everyone, regardless of their origin. Bringing together young people in search of the inner Sun, bringing together anthroposophists from different areas, bringing together people from economic life, trying to understand other cultures and find what we have in common, social activists etc. To integrate, understand and open people's hearts, mainly through listening and art – that is the aim: the path of knowledge, the path of empathy and the path of the deed, in Christ and with open hearts.