Shared endeavours

Shared endeavours

02 February 2021 Ute Craemer 2922 views

CaminhAção is an initiative that connects diverse social groups and anthroposophical endeavours (Anthroposophy Worldwide 4/2020).

CaminhAção is a call to the human soul that asks questions such as ‘What makes us human?’ and ‘How can the idea of social threefolding be kept alive?’ On this ‘path’ we bring diverse aspects of Brazilian culture together: the indigenous culture of the Guarani peoples, the spirituality of Maracatu, Hip-Hop and Samba de Coco, Caboeira, the Warriors Without Weapons movement and Sophia, the spiritual being of Anthroposophy. We consciously seek the dialogue with what is ‘different’. This impulse has succeeded in uniting, strengthening and expanding the anthroposophical movement in Brazil and enabled its realization outside its ‘bubbles’.

In most places across Brazil, CaminhAção has been promoted by the branches and study groups within the Anthroposophical Society. They started anthroposophical initiatives and joined the socio-cultural movements mentioned above in order to organize events and create spaces for dialogue and reflection, such as most recently (due to Corona) an online celebration on 3 October 2020.

The richness of this movement arises from the interaction of anthroposophical initiatives with the wider world – a quest that finds human qualities in all kinds of guises – in other rhythms, sounds, forms and colours.

For those taking part in it, CaminhAção is an opportunity for sharing knowledge in the form of myths and songs; a movement that unites feelings and diverse ways of thinking.

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