Goetheanum TV as a window into the Goetheanum

Goetheanum TV as a window into the Goetheanum

19 December 2023 1188 views

In 2023, the communication department at the Goetheanum reached a new dimension with the ‘goetheanum.tv’ portal. Weekly video productions from the work of the School of Spiritual Science are now accessible via the portal.

Since the beginning of the year, 173 videos and 100 livestreams have been published. The livestreams were live broadcasts of lectures and panel discussions held at conferences at the Goetheanum. The other videos were clips of conferences, interviews, reports or documentation of artistic work. Excerpts were extracted from this wealth of images and language and published on public networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and X, which increased awareness of the Goetheanum's activities and the diversity of people, work topics and perspectives expressed there.

As of today, the portal's content has been viewed for a total of 15,695 hours. The portal was visited 138,000 times by 117,000 visitors. They accessed 450,000 pages. More than 6,000 people set up a free account on the portal, and the number of subscribers who took out a subscription for premium access rose from 306 to 740 during the year.

The goetheanum.tv portal allows anyone, from anywhere in the world, to open a window into the Goetheanum to gain insights into what is happening there. This new possibility gives the Goetheanum a larger and new radius of action, and many people have expressed their gratitude in this sense, especially when they are unable to visit the Goetheanum due to geographical distance. This is where the words 'far' (tele) and 'see' (vision), i.e. TV or television, come into play. The weekly production of videos is currently in German and English. Occasionally, content is also published in Spanish, French and other languages.

We would like to expand this service further in the coming year, 2024, and hope that interest will grow at the same rate. With one year of experience, the project is still in its infancy and needs support to consolidate and strengthen itself for the future. For the Christmas season and with a view to 2024, the goetheanum.tv portal is currently offering a one-year subscription with a 30 per cent discount. Do not hesitate to join the circle of those who follow and support this project with a subscription, and a heartfelt thank you if you tell those around you about this project, a worldwide digital Goetheanum.

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