Leadership in turbulent times

Leadership in turbulent times

14 February 2022 Sebastian Jüngel 2454 views

Challenges in the business world meet responses in management. New leadership methods are available to enterprises today. The Goetheanum`s Leadership Course builds on self-education as a basis for acting responsibly in society.

In essence, this method aims at expanding individual faculties to allow leaders to find solutions for objectively given tasks. Learning how to stand above stressful situations and keep a clear head just before making decisions can be helpful. A second technique helps to prevent slipping back into seemingly tried and tested methods of problem-solving. Instead one learns to be creative in unfamiliar situations and to spontaneously develop and implement ideas.

Both techniques make it easier to perceive the given challenge within the wider context and find a solution that is not only reaction but constitutes a broader, sustainable approach. Jean-Michel Florin, who is a lecturer on the Goetheanum‘s Leadership Course, thinks that “this is not only about enterprises running smoothly, it is about what they represent: future-oriented practice.” He speaks of values such as purpose, and responsibility for society. Jean-Michel Florin sees this as a preparation for unexpected events and crises. “The challenges will grow. In order to be able to face them, one needs to be well centred and strengthen oneself inwardly.”

The course‘s online format supports self-responsibility by focusing on few contents. Edda Nehmiz, coordinator of the Goetheanum‘s study programme, has observed in previous courses that “online, too, this leads to the experience that one is pursuing one project together.” And she adds that “although the course members come from different countries, generations and disciplines, they share the same motif: the dignity of the human being.”

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Module I Leading in turbulent times, 3 to 6 May 2022
Module II Initiating and Sustaining Transformation, 17 to 20 October 2022

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