Learning through Corona: A new online Study Course

Learning through Corona: A new online Study Course

21 December 2020 Constanza Kaliks 3377 views

28 days of anthroposophy – this February, Study at the Goetheanum is offering an online course for anybody who is interested.

The Goetheanum has had to learn many new things in recent months. It has needed to reinvent itself and has discovered and embraced new possibilities from the experience.

Because of the Corona measures, the Study and Professional Development Department has had to transfer most of its courses online and has now decided to develop and offer an independent online study programme for a worldwide study community in five languages (German, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish) with English as the language of communication.

It is aimed at anyone interested who can set aside one and a half hours each day for study work at a fixed time, with an additional two hours daily needed for art and lecturer contributions, which will be at various times. This course is intended for people who have an interest in anthroposophy and the Goetheanum but do not have the opportunity to take up a study course locally.