Live Video Series: Anthroposophy – an extension of science?

Live Video Series: Anthroposophy – an extension of science?

10 January 2022 3782 views

Follow the Science! is a widespread motto of our time. Scientific evidence is a precondition for being taken seriously. But what is scientific? Some say Anthroposophy is not, although they have never studied it. Starting on 17 January, the Goetheanum Leadership will present weekly live lectures to deepen the relation of Anthroposophy and science.

To understand today’s world one needs to go beyond the generally accepted paradigms of the measurable, countable and weighable and develop adequate research methods that include soul and spirit as well as artistic approaches.

As living beings, plants, animals and humans require procedures that include the sphere of life, that include soul and spirit, so that they can be understood and promoted in accordance with their actual nature.Anthroposophy develops ways of finding knowledge that our world urgently needs. The fertility of these methods has been proven in practice, for instance in biodynamic farming, Anthroposophic Medicine, Waldorf Education, Curative Education, and in the natural and social sciences. The Goetheanum lecture series will demonstrate from the point of view of different specialist fields how Anthroposophy is an extension of science.

The first lecture will be broadcast in German on 17 January 2022 at 8 p.m. CET on and will be available after that as a video on demand in several languages.

English by Margot M. Saar

Cover image: Matthias Girke during a lecture, photo: Ariane Totzke