New metamorphosis exhibition space

New metamorphosis exhibition space

29 August 2023 Sebastian Jüngel 2383 views

On 20 June the new exhibition space dedicated to the principle of metamorphosis as presented by Goethe and Rudolf Steiner was inaugurated in the Glass House in the presence of the Goetheanum Leadership.

Goetheanism and the principle of metamorphosis are among the Goetheanum’s central research topics. They include projects of the Research Institute of the Natural Science Section and the Visual Arts Section. In addition, the principle is applied in the building’s architecture, for example in the columns of the Main Auditorium. The thought of devoting a permanent space to the theme of metamorphosis – as part of the development of the Goetheanum Campus – follows naturally. The first part of the exhibition’s title is The Discovery of Wholeness. It speaks of activity: one can discover things for oneself. Different materials allow for a hands-on exploration of the principle of metamorphosis. Visitors can reconstruct the right sequence of vertebrae in a spinal column (made of plastic) or use a cards to identify the three kinds of leaf in a plant. Text panels on ‘polarity and enhancement in colours’, ‘plants as masters of mobility’, ‘animals as specialized perfection’ and ‘the human being as creator in agriculture’ refer to themes of this exhibition, which has the subtitle Metamorphosis and Organism as Principles of Life.

The exhibition of the Section for Agriculture and the Natural Science Section at the Goetheanum is open on selected Fridays from 1 to 2 pm. ‘In addition, there will be metamorphosis-themed guided tours,’ says Marcia Marggraf, who is head of the Guided Tours department at the Goetheanum.

Exhibition views in the Glashaus, photos: Sofia Lismont