René Piamonte

René Piamonte

21 September 2020 Jean-Michel Florin & Ueli Hurter 4844 views

René Piamonte brought important impulses to the biodynamic movement in South America. Born in Columbia, he was at home across the South-American continent. From 1981 to 1985 he studied at the University of São Paulo. At the 1992 IFOAM Congress in Brazil he met Patricia Flores. The two married later and started a family.

As a biodynamic consultant and instructor René worked untiringly to support people, farms and projects. He considered it important that people meet and grow together and therefore contributed to shaping the annual conferences in South America.

Celebrating the earth

René attached great importance to fostering relationships across the world and with the Section for Agriculture. At the Goetheanum’s Agricultural Conference in 2018 he gave a comprehensive talk on the preparations, based on his own experiences across the regions and climate zones of South America.

With René Piamonte biodynamic farming was always an experience that involved head and hands, and, above all, the heart. He knew how to enrich the hearts of others and how to celebrate biodynamic farming as a feast for the earth. The clarity of his sensory perception was always apparent in the series of photos he used to illustrate his talks.

At the same time he was a seeking and reflective person, although this side of him may often have been hidden. There were, however, moments in his lectures and in conversations, when his profound inner connection with the essence of the biodynamic impulse and with anthroposophy shone out. The earth as the arena of the human struggle for physical and spiritual nurturing was a clear vision for him.

Builder of local and global bridges

As human beings, we are not rooted in the earthly realm but our originally cosmic spirituality needs to acquire a Michaelic dimension of freedom as we pass through earthly life. This freedom is only possible when we are able – individually and in our own way – to take the earth in on our journey. This Michaelic attitude is an essential bridge between applied biodynamics and a spiritual orientation in life inspired by anthroposophy. René contributed to building this bridge.

Together with his wife he actively supported the foundation and development of the Biodynamic Association in Peru and the continued training of consultants in South America. They also established an independent biodynamic training programme in Peru. René Piamonte was at the height of his active life.

The biodynamic impulse and the Goetheanum strive to be cosmopolitan and therefore need people from cultures outside Europe who can carry this impulse. René was one of these people, active both locally and globally.

Contributions by Jean-Michel Florin and Ueli Hurter, Goetheanum, with additional information from the internet.