Rhythmical Massage

Rhythmical Massage

02 November 2022 Liliane Ammann Albertin & Thomas Bur 948 views

On 9 September a complementary medicine study course in Rhythmic Massage Therapy was inaugurated in Zurich (CH).

A spirit of optimism and a joyful mood prevailed at the inauguration festivities. The first complementary therapy training course in Rhythmical Massage Therapy opened with eighteen students.

One of the steps on the way was the recognition of the method by the Organization of Complementary Therapy (CH). It means that in Switzerland Rhythmical Massage Therapy is one of the recognized methods in complementary therapy based on a holistic understanding of the human being. The next step took us to the recognition of a training course in complementary medicine. And the third is its practical realization.

Walking on this path was made possible by those who untiringly supported the initiative: rhythmical massage therapists the world over with their preparatory work, colleagues in the Association for Rhythmical Massage in Switzerland and the association’s board with its close assistance, and the pioneering preparatory work of the former School for Rhythmical Massage in Dornach (CH)

We thank the first students for their courage in embarking with us on this newly conceived three-year part-time training. Graduating with a certificate will allow them to take the state-recognized specialist examination to gain the national diploma as complementary therapists.

On behalf of the school leadership: Liliane Ammann Albertin and Thomas Bur, Zurich (CH)

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