Schwinbach nature reserve: agreement achieved

Schwinbach nature reserve: agreement achieved

29 April 2021 Sebastian Jüngel 2372 views

After the Goetheanum took legal action against the construction firm (Steiner Ltd – no relation) in charge of the nearby building project, conversations took place between the two parties and measures have been agreed to protect the nature reserve along the Schwinbach brook. The lawsuit has since been withdrawn.

As the owner of the Schwinbach nature reserve in Arlesheim (CH), the Goetheanum had filed a lawsuit against the developer that led to conversations between the two parties. Technical and architectural measures were agreed to do what can be done in order to protect the brook from further damage, after two of three springs had run dry as a result of the building work.

Water inflow has been temporarily re-established in one place and is permanently checked, along with the water quality. Improvement plans for after the completion of the building project have also been agreed.

Based on this and on the regular joint inspection of the building land that has also been agreed, the Goetheanum has now abandoned the lawsuit. The Helvetia Nostra Foundation, on the other hand, continues its investigation into the building land and planning permissions before the Swiss Federal Court.

La Colline building site, Foto: Sofia Lismont