Shaping Society together

Shaping Society together

02 April 2023 Sebastian Jüngel 2413 views

The Annual General Meeting held at the Goetheanum from 31 March to 2 April resulted in the decision that, a hundred years after its refoundation, the General Anthroposophical Society will strive for broader participation of its global membership.

Since its refoundation in 1923/1924, the General Anthroposophical Society has been joined by more than 41,000 members in 54 countries. Their support for the work that is inspired by Anthroposophy is evident in Steiner Waldorf Schools, biodynamic farming and the professions of Anthroposophic Medicine, to name but a few, practical applications that aim at a healthy relationship between human beings, earth and cosmos.

Being aware of the concerns of the members around the world and including them in the work at the Goetheanum is challenging. In recent years the need for effective participation, also of those members who are unable to travel to the Goetheanum for an Annual General Meeting, has been expressed repeatedly. Conversations between the Executive Council and the members have resulted in the tabling of a main motion by the Executive Council suggesting new developments such as dialogue forums with all interested members. This proposal was accepted by a great majority at this year‘s Annual General Meeting, particularly given that many concerns expressed in the more than 20 motions can be absorbed in this process.

An additional, parallel process seeks to reflect in the Statutes the insights gained into the origin of today‘s Constitution and to develop them further in accordance with current requirements. This process will take the form of open-ended conversations. Executive Council and Goetheanum Leadership see their responsibility in ensuring parity and international and intergenerational balance.

It was possible to cover the loss of the Weleda donation of around 583,130 Swiss Francs by equity capital. The Annual General Meeting approved the annual accounts and discharged the Executive Council.

English by Margot M. Saar

Cover image General Anthroposophical Society: Annual General Meeting 2023 (Photo: Wolfgang Held)