“Strengthen health comprehensively”

“Strengthen health comprehensively”

05 February 2021 10041 views

For the Medical Section at the Goetheanum and the International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations, vaccination against Sars-CoV-2 is an important element in containing the Covid-19 pandemic. Anthroposophic Medicine builds on freedom of choice and comprehensive strengthening of resilience.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, anthroposophic physicians have been caring for patients with Covid-19 as outpatients and inpatients, including intensive care. In doing so, they integrate state-of-the art conventional and anthroposophic treatment methods. They also comment on vaccination in this context.

According to the Medical Section and the International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations, the registration studies to date on the vaccines approved in the USA and the EU show good efficacy and safety after two vaccinations. Rare, serious side effects can only be ruled out once a large number of people has been vaccinated and followed up on for a sufficiently long time and compared to unvaccinated people. This is even more important for technologies such as mRNA vaccines, which had not been widely used in humans before.

“We see the voluntary nature of vaccination as a fundamental right as well as a prerequisite for a sufficiently high level of acceptance among the population, not least because of the still unanswered questions about efficacy and safety,” emphasizes Georg Soldner, pediatrician and deputy head of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum. “This includes access to detailed information, for example in a conversation with a trusted doctor.” A direct or indirect vaccination obligation should not be implemented, especially since it is still open as to whether vaccinated people can continue to infect others.

“In particular, vaccination must be accompanied by measures that strengthen health and promote individual resilience,” Georg Soldner added. “Nutrition, and psychological and social factors must also be taken into account, as the pandemic is not just a virological challenge.”

Full statement on vaccination against Sars-CoV2

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