Courses & Lory Maier Smits

Courses & Lory Maier Smits

01 March 2022 Sebastian Jüngel 4869 views

The Section for the Performing Arts offers artistic courses in its various disciplines. The programme for 2022 is out now.

The freshness of the performing arts lies in lifelong learning. It is essential in the arts to keep alive, deepen and complement what has been acquired. The Section for the Performing Arts therefore offers specific courses to get to know artistic forms of expression or further develop professional skills. The programme will start in April with a course by Marc-Alexandre Cousquer (FR) on Dramatic Expression, Gesture and Character. In May, Benedikt Zweifel and Carina Schmid will offer a course in tone and speech eurythmy, while Hildegard Schneider Brenner will focus on forming figures out of movement and speech. As in the previous year, there will be a clowning course, this time Rhythms in Clowning offered by Gabriela and Sebastian Jüngel. The programme, which will be regularly updated, can be found on the Section homepage.

Original indications for Lory Maier Smits

A special online course will be available, consisting in videos documenting the eurythmy indications Rudolf Steiner gave to Lory Maier Smits. Carina Schmid learned about these indications directly from Lory Maier Smits. The recording shows how Carina teaches these – and only these – indications to eurythmy students from the Eurythmeum in Stuttgart (DE) and Alanus University in Alfter (DE). The programme consists in 19 units, lasting between four and 45 minutes.

Web courses

Online course – Lory Maier Smits