Covid regulations: Events will go ahead

Covid regulations: Events will go ahead

21 December 2021 6814 views

According to new government regulations, healthy people who cannot prove that they have recovered from Covid or been vaccinated against it will be excluded from all public events in Switzerland from 20 December (and until 24 January 2022). The Goetheanum is also affected by these regulations.

We support a differentiated and rational pandemic strategy. As long as a well thought-through protection plan is in place and adhered to, it is neither scientifically justified nor socially appropriate to exclude large groups of the population from public events without offering the possibility of a Covid test.

We deeply regret that many people are now prevented from visiting the Goetheanum and attending the Christmas events.

The Goetheanum Leadership, Stage and staff are constantly looking for new ways of approaching individual events and plans adequately and in compliance with official regulations.

The Goetheanum Christmas Conference, which includes the performance of Rudolf Steiner’s Four Mystery Dramas (directors: Gioia Falk/Christian Peter), will go ahead in accordance with current legal requirements. Particularly in challenging times like these, it is our task to convey strength, light and nourishment through culture and the arts.

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