Lack of scientific method

Lack of scientific method

30 January 2022 10609 views

In their book on Covid vaccinations from a spiritual point of view, Thomas Mayer and more than 50 anonymous co-authors in Switzerland and Germany describe their “supersensible observations” of Covid-19 and the Coronavirus vaccinations.

The different work groups, which seem to be loosely connected, assume a living being behind every vaccine. They “tested” the vaccines by holding ampoules containing them in their hand. The perceptions they describe are of “immensely evil” beings that aim to destroy everything human (p. 84), and the effects of the vaccines are presented as equally destructive.

In a shorter section, therapists speak about their experiences of vaccinated patients, in whom they sensed a condensation and reduced vibration in the tissues; the aura of vaccinated people is described as damaged. The authors speak in depth of damage through Coronavirus vaccinations they observed in people who had died, their life after death, so they claim, immensely compromised by the vaccines, with corresponding detrimental effects on future incarnations. Covid-19 itself was a disease as “severe as five illnesses together” [which ones?] (p. 136.).

Conspirationalist approach

The book has four parts: observation reports, contributions from other authors, discussion and summary. In a section entitled “Physically Visible” the authors claim that effective medicines exist but are deliberately held back in order to pressurize people into vaccination. Lockdowns and the restrictions of basic rights were also used to exert pressure. PCR tests played a key role in labelling those who tested positive as infected although they were “a contamination at best” (p. 23). Vaccinations, the authors claim, are ineffective and very harmful, associated with a high number of fatalities. In the discussion part Mayer goes even further, claiming that Sars-CoV-2 had been produced in a laboratory with “black-magic” intentions (p. 305). The release of the virus had not been an accident, he states, but deliberately brought about by an international “vaccination and virus mafia” (p. 308).

Basic criteria of spiritual science not met

The systematic, self-critical practice and development of the capacity for supersensible perception is a defined aim of anthroposophical inner development. Those wishing to embark on this journey need to apply even greater transparency and methodical rigour than in conventional scientific research. The usual preconditions for scientific work include conscientiousness, self-critical questioning of one’s own actions, transparency regarding research methods and objects, impartiality, openness regarding motivational conflicts and conflicts of interest etc. Mayer’s book fails to meet any of these requirements:

  • With over 50 alleged anonymous authors there is not even a minimum of transparency.
  • From the start, the book is so clearly influenced by the narrative of skepticism regarding Coronavirus and vaccination and therefore by negative preconceptions, that its observations cannot be regarded as objective. Its sensationalist tone suggests a total absence of the required seriousness and impartiality. At no point do the authors ask any self-critical questions.
  • There are no indications that the anonymous authors pursue any other scientific activities. As far as we can tell, no one in that group has any discursive work relationship with Anthroposophic Medicine.
  • The book tries to spread fear without leaving readers free as one would expect of a serious work of spiritual science. It uses non-verifiable statements to warn people against vaccination similar to olden-day hellfire warnings in church. The authors aim at the same fear reflex that they accuse politicians of targeting.
  • Diverging results are common in natural-scientific research, depending on the context of observation. In Rudolf Steiner’s texts one also comes across apparent contradictions when spiritual matters are observed from different perspectives. For Mayer and his co-authors on the other hand there is only one direction: all 50 of them keep arriving at the same irrevocable conclusion. Their approach lacks any credibility.
  • The anthroposophic physicians, to whom the authors of this article belong, are involved with caring for Covid patients, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, and have broad experience from trained observation. Our own observations contradict those presented in Mayer’s book.

Damage to Anthroposophy

This book lacks any methodical seriousness; it is unscientific and manipulative and has nothing to do with anthroposophical spiritual science and Anthroposophic Medicine. Any attempt to gain a deeper understanding of the signatures of the present time needs the rigorous scientific method that Anthroposophy and the medicine inspired by it are committed to. The damage this fast-selling book will do to Anthroposophy is not yet foreseeable. The co-authors remain anonymous so as to avoid becoming “targets of a defamatory campaign” (p. 17). Yet, they do not shy away from monopolizing Rudolf Steiner and his Anthroposophy for their own dubious intentions, claiming that Rudolf Steiner had predicted exactly what they are describing in their book. This claim needs to be categorically rejected. No such statement can be found in the work published by Rudolf Steiner himself, either in its content or its method of presentation.

Tido von Schoen-Angerer, Thomas Breitkreuz, International Association of Anthroposophic Medical Societies; Matthias Girke, Georg Soldner, Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science

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