New medical training

New medical training

02 November 2022 Michael Evans 3793 views

A new cycle of Anthroposophic Medical Training in English will start on 28 January 2023 at Emerson College, open to doctors worldwide.

Established over 20 years, this international training begins with intense Goethean observation of the four elements, realms of nature and the inner organs, building up an experiential understanding of nature and the human constitution. Artistic activities become a deepening tool for plant studies, helping participants to come to a fuller understanding of the plants commonly used in anthroposophic medicines.

The fundamentals of an anthroposophic approach to medicine are taught in a process which helps grow participants’ confidence in their own path of knowledge. Based at Emerson College (UK), the training includes visits to Klinik Arlesheim, the Goetheanum and Havelhöhe Hospital in Berlin. The final module takes place in Snowdonia, North Wales. This is where Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman visited ancient spiritual sites and the initial impetus for the Medical Section came into being. Inner path exercises and biographical sharing in small groups form an important part of the training. These, as well as many other opportunities to exchange and come together socially, help to build a strong sense of community and social cohesion.

Some of the modules have the potential for on-line participation if long distance travel is a serious obstacle for full attendance.

For the faculty: Michael Evans, Stroud (GB)

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