Peace in Ukraine!

Peace in Ukraine!

10 March 2022 Gerald Häfner 13961 views

The war in Ukraine constitutes an unacceptable attack on peace and freedom, life and dignity. The situation has the potential to escalate with dramatic consequences.

An escalation in thinking and language is already discernable in the public discourse, even among members of the Anthroposophical Society.

Sweeping condemnations, enemy stereotypes and calls for violence go against the anthroposophical image of the human being. Anthroposophy stands for self-determination, mutual understanding and peaceful approaches to conflict resolution.

Any statement that calls for violence as a means of action beyond immediate defense augments the escalation and hinders the search for peaceful solutions. Our thoughts, wishes and hopes go to all the peace efforts that seek to end the horrific suffering on all sides as fast as possible.

Gerald Häfner, Goetheanum Leadership (Communications)

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