Working together

Working together

30 March 2019 Kai Iruma 3314 views

The anthroposophical groups in Japan are working towards a joint Anthroposophical Society and Anthroposophy Worldwide already exists in Japanese.

On 24 February the representatives of the six groups in Japan listed on the Goetheanum homepage met in order to discuss burning questions and the possibility of translating Anthroposophy Worldwide into Japanese. We have cultivated these kinds of meeting for some years, hoping that we will be able to found an Anthroposophical Society together.

Anthroposophy Worldwide in Japanese

Those present at the meeting agreed in principle that a translation of Anthroposophy Worldwide should be available to the Japanese members, but doubts were also voiced as to whether the members would really welcome a complete translation. Yuji Agematsu pointed out that some contributions from Anthroposophy Worldwide had already been translated by Ryoichi Hagiwara.

I made contact with him and he said he was prepared to work together whenever possible. I will translate Anthroposophy Worldwide fully for our Japanese friends for at least one year, so that they can gain greater awareness of the Goetheanum and the anthroposophical movement in the world, despite the language barrier. Those who were at the meeting emphasized how much more closely connected they had felt with the Goetheanum and the anthroposophical movement since they were able to read this newsletter in their own language.

We hope that this project will also promote cooperation between the groups. I am planning to ask the members for a contribution to cover the translation costs.


Contact: Masaaki Hori,